Park Staffing and Social Media

Own Your Facebook Profile

Social media sites like Facebook require that a ‘company page’ be linked to an individual ‘personal profile’. Set-up your business FB page with a personal profile that belongs to the company, rather than an individual (even the owner). Best to use a ‘portable’ personal profile rather than using a staffer’s profile or even your own. The ‘portable’ profile means if a staffer leaves or you sell the business, you can leave the Facebook profile behind. Although this is strictly against Facebook rules in reality there are already MILLIONS of phony Facebook profiles out there.

Important Staffing Issue

As you start a presence on Facebook you might want to set a specific job position to be responsible for the continuity on FB posting and interactions. This is a front line customer position so the conversation needs to be professional and consistent with your company’s image. Responding to customer complaints is an important task in social media. Your ‘social media’ staff person needs to be competent to respond to complaints in a proper manner.

The person should regularly visit the page, post something including photos, share image-serving local event links, and respond to customers and posters. It’s helpful if the Social Media person understands FB features, and works to speak with ‘a voice’ of the company. Some of the most successful FB pages I’ve seen have grown because the FB staffer is also an avid FB user. In general it’s better to have an on-site staff person be responsible for observing ‘post-able’ relevant items which will resonate with the community of customers for that property.

Management Tool, Management Task

Facebook may be free but there is a cost element in creating and maintaining a FB presence. Some estimate 4-5 hours per week in staff time. Tasks include choosing what to post, taking the photos, collecting relevant information, and actual posting. Also, to have an effective result the property MUST interact with the users who comment, like and post. It’s expected that the FB page will ‘like’ comments and photos from fans, and respond to tags. FB comments need to be moderated to prevent flaming posts, handle guest relations, and encourage customers to stay connected. Infrequent posting or inconsistent interaction is perceived negatively.