Marketing Strategies

Let Strait Answers be Your Road Map!

Choosing each advertising option is like taking a fork in the road. You can not advertise everwhere–you must make choices. Let David Strait help you make smart marketing choices which fit your unique property, destination, and services offering.

From rack cards to web sites, trust Strait Answers to use common sense, practical ideas, and budget-conscious solutions which fit your advertising needs. Let us help guide your decisions, and take some of the marketing work off your plate.

Key Marketing Strategies for RV Campgrounds

Here are our core marketing principles:


RV camping and travel consumers are a ‘niche’ market; a small segment of the general population. By targeting your advertising message and media choices, you avoid wasting money on non-customers. Search engine marketing is the best targeting method ever!


Using an agency like Strait Answers allows you to keep a consistent look and feel in all your advertising. With a core marketing message used and repeated in all advertising, you build better consumer relationships with your public face… your ‘brand’. Don’t let each vendor or publisher change your message. Better to use a single source who will keep the message on track.

Results Based

Nobody wants to buy advertising. Business owners want the customers that advertising will (hopefully) bring. You can expect Strait Answers to be focused on guiding you to choose advertising which brings a positive return on your time, money, and effort. We judge the value of advertising by how many customers it brings, not on looks alone.

I’ll treat your advertising as if I were spending my own money!

— David Strait

Experience Tested

Strait Answers’ long years of experience means David knows what works, and what does not. Each advertising vendor will tell you their solution is the best. Strait Answers’ experience offers helpful reference points to avoid spending on losers.

Beyond an advertising vendor, Strait Answers becomes a trusted ally who will not only execute well on your directives, but volunteer additional insight and background on how to approach your marketing questions and challenges.

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