Good Sam® Advertising

You’ve met with the Good Sam representatives and listened to their recommendations. They’re asking for a lot of money. You wish you had a way to measure the results. Let Strait Answers be your “Ad Agency” for Good Sam Advertising.

Trust Strait Answers to Help You!

David has been placing ads in campground directories since 1992 when he was Director of Marketing for Campland-on-the-Bay and Deanza Bay Resorts in San Diego. Since 1995 he’s been an ‘independent marketing analyst’ helping RV parks make smart decisions about directory advertising. He has placed over 270 display ads in the major national and state directories on behalf of clients (as many as 14 directory ad clients in a single year).

Each new year David studies the Good Sam offering and understands all the features. He will work with you to review the latest Good Sam features and programs–without sales pressure on you to buy! You’ll get a customized analysis of your park’s best options, and special insights about the complex features of the Good Sam ‘bundles’.

Reasons to Hire Strait Answers as Your Good Sam Ad Agency

  • No cost to you (Good Sam pays me!)
  • Get an independent perspective on this ‘investment’.
  • You don’t have to talk to the sales team.
  • Save your time — delegate the work to an agency.
  • No sales pressure, just understanding and options.
  • Better ad designs — communicate top features.
  • Consistent ad designs match ‘your brand’

What Does Strait Answers Charge?

We always provide you with a written price quotation before doing any work. Strait Answers offers clear and complete explanations of the costs, features, and benefits of the various facets of the Good Sam® Directory and web site advertising options. The Good Sam publisher pays ad agencies a commission; so in most cases you will not pay a dime to get all this work and to gain confidence in your purchase decision.

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Presence in Good Sam?

David Strait is a great ‘sounding board’ for RV park & resort advertisers. Send me an email and we’ll connect to review your program!

Strait Answers is an independent agent who can help you make better choices in your advertising strategies.

Good Sam Web Bundles:

Good Sam is again changing their web service offering for the Good Sam web sites. Has the new ‘Sam’ created an essential web ad service? Does it make sense for YOUR park to purchase one of their bundles? Let us help you make this decision, based upon a common sense demonstration which considers your unique circumstances.

Good Sam Campground Print Directory Ads

How large does your print ad need to be? What about the ‘Destination Spotlight’ sections? We apply simple rules to help you easily decide if you need an ad in the printed directory or not, and how large it should be to be ‘large enough’.

Good Sam Park Membership?

In our opinion, there’s more benefit to you from Good Sam advertising when your park is also a Good Sam Park. They’ve made some key changes to the advertising benefits for Good Sam Parks, both on their web sites and in the printed directory. Let us show you these features and we can realistically see if they’re important to your property.