Search Marketing Packages

What’s In the Search Engine Marketing Packages?

Google for Campgrounds

Looking at Google?

Search engine marketing (SEM) services from Strait Answers offer some options to choose from. A detailed description of what is included in each service level is available for your review. All SEM packages have three cost components which vary with the level of service and your ad budget:

  1. Initial Setup Fee — create/organize accounts and campaigns
  2. Monthly Service Fee — on going low cost fee to manage and report
  3. Ad Spend — monthly budget for ad costs paid to Google for clicks
  4. Pricing Table for Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    These prices are for the consulting and reporting services. In addition you’ll need to set a monthly ‘ad spend’ budget (see bottom of chart — typically $200 to $400 per month). You can easily change the ad spend budget to increase the number of new customers visiting your site.
    RV Park Ads on Google

    Search Marketing Customized for Campgrounds

    We understand the facets of RV consumer thinking, and have matched the technical features of search engines with important demographic segments within the mass market of RV campground consumers. Strait Answers has a customized approach that understands how search engines work and takes advantage of account, campaign, and ad group settings to ensure your ads reach qualified customers.

    Geographic Settings
    As a general rule, RV travelers will not camp in their own city because they want to ‘get away’. Yet the price of fuel will prevent them from excessive travel distances. Campground consumers are thus different from ‘local business’ customers who shop only at businesses near their home.

    On the other hand, there is a need to reach long range travelers from all over the world who are snow-birds, or European visitors. Search marketing keywords need to be set differently to avoid wasted clicks.

    Accommodation Types
    Campground visitors may stay in an RV, a tent, a cabin or yurt. Each of these types of visitors use different search terms, and have special keywords.

    Attractions and Amenities
    Some campgrounds are near an attraction which is the main feature. Search engine marketing campaigns can be set to display ads when consumers search using the attraction name, or the name of a natural feature (like ‘beach camping’).