Is Your Click Through Rate Any Good?

Why Strait Answers Often Talks About Click Through

In my monthly Google Ads service reporting I always mention the Click-Through rate (CTR), sometimes with excited commentary about the high click thru for a keyword, an ad group, or the whole client account. Click-Through is the percentage of the time people click on your ads on Google Search.

The red oval on the chart highlights the average CTR for Travel and Hospitality on the Google Search network. My clients’ see as much as 10 times the average Click-Through rate.

Hospitality Google Ads Click Rate
Source: Understanding Click-Through Rate for PPC

Strait Answers® Clients Have Great Click Thru Rates

  • Across the internet, a ‘good click-thru rate’ is 1.91%.*
  • Hospitality & Travel Sites Average: 2.18%*
  • Strait Answers® Clients Average: 8.5%

Strait Answers’ clients enjoy Click Through rates way above the industry averages.

How Strait Answers Achieves High CTR:

Methodology: I work to invest your ad spend wisely using these techniques:

Geographic Targeting focused on consumers located in top geographic markets
Specific keywords that show intent to purchase (exact match keywords)
Block ads from showing to non-customers (using negative keyword lists)
Target search queries that show high-intent customers

Focused Ad Spend
Schedule ads during top search times-of-day
Spend only on Google Search (not remarketing on other sites)
Regularly adjust keyword ‘bid prices’ to hold down spend
Ad wording hits consumer needs and wants

Constant Testing and Improving
Every month I check on the keywords, search terms, and spend budget.
Periodically change the wording of ads to seek improved results
Discover new ideas and trends (like ‘rv parks near me’ search)