Google Search Trends: RV Park vs RV Resort

RV Park Website Advice

Google search is the top source for website visitor traffic in the ‘Outdoor Hospitality’ industry–RV parks, resorts, and campgrounds. So it’s important to optimize your website to appear on Google searches when customers are searching! The Google algorithm tallies the wording on your website; the word combinations are how Google calculates where to display your park’s website. Hopefully you’ll show up on page one search results pages.

Should You Name Your Property an RV Park or an RV Resort?

Consumers use words to search. Consumers choose the words they use. RV campground & resort consumers rarely search using the words “RV resorts”. Instead they search for “RV parks”. Because Strait Answers® does Google ads services (it’s our main business) we see patterns. We’ve observed that the keyword “rv park” is triggering a lot more ad impressions than ‘rv resorts’. To verify what we see, we use Google Trends, the website tool that shows trends in search word choices.

If you decide to call your property an RV Resort and you never use the word ‘rv park’ on your website wording, you’re missing the boat in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Google Trends Report

Here’s a report from Google Trends, that we created to show the point on a graph.

This graph showing Google searches for ‘rv parks’ vs ‘rv resorts’ goes back to 2004. The blue line is for ‘rv parks’ and the red line is for ‘rv resort’. You’ll note that the blue line goes up and down with the seasons each year so it’s a jagged line.

Clearly, this report proves that consumers use ‘rv park’ a lot more often in searches.

SEO for RV Park Websites

When we provide SEO services for our RV park and campground clients, and the client insists on calling their RV campground a ‘resort’, we work to insert the phrase ‘rv park’ into the body copy, subheadings, meta tags, navigation links, image names and image alt tags, as well as in the text links.

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