Virus Shutdown & “Open Campgrounds” Searching on Google

New Search Phrase

A new trend in search looking for ‘open campgrounds near me’.

RVers and campers have been using the search phrase ‘near me’ more frequently–as they become more familiar with how to search Google. The phrase “campgrounds near me” has grown more common in search. It’s a trend that has accelerated with mobile phone technology, and ‘voice search’ becoming a common skill even amongst older consumers. “Siri, find a campground near me” is a phrase people would use when they’re ready to stop for the night.

COVID Changed Campground Search on Google

But with the virus shutdown/shelter-in-place orders, web searches with ‘near me’ in them have changed, for now at least. A new search term is showing in Google organic search;”open campgrounds near me”.

Check this Google Trends report showing the rise of this new search term. In the past year the ‘campgrounds near me’ increased about 15% over the prior year (June, 2019), but the ‘open campgrounds near me’ increased 1500%.

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