Google Maps is Nifty

Google Maps is one of the new online services offered for free from Google to the whole world wide web. Internet users can search Google by key words, and the most relevant listings come up (hopefully). Sometimes the search results have more than links to web listings. The content on Google Maps will show up on search results pages too.

Try this: Google the following words: Anaheim RV Park
You’ll see many web sites in the search results, but the top (first) listings will include a map and a business listing. People clicking on the map links will be transferred to Google Maps and there find reviews, photos of your business, and more.
For a very informative video on how to improve your business listing on Google, click on this link.

Or go to and put your address in the search box. You may be very surprised how easy its for a potential customer to get a map which pinpoints your location on their computer.
Google is adding photos and images to their set of data, and now photos are indexed just like web sites. These photos can be hosted for free on Googles’ Picassa Web Albums, or on Panoramio, or on your local business listing.