Good Sam’s Web Site Ads

Web Site For Good Sam Favors Member Parks

And makes it almost impossible for non-member parks to show on the Good Sam site’s campground search tool. See below to find out what I’m talking about.

Good Sam Club's new logo for 2013

Good Sam Club’s new logo for 2013

Without a doubt, the Good Sam brand is well established in the camping industry, with a long history and a large organizational structure. In late 2012 they rocked
the RV Campground world by condensing the Trailer Life and the Woodall’s printed annual directories into one big book, under the Good Sam brand name. A smart move.

Good to Know for 2014:
This year was the last year for and Woodall’ The larger Good Sam site is the Good Sam Club web page. This year (2013) they have kept the Trailer Life and Woodall’s web sites alive. But the plan for next year is to point all the and visits to a new web site URL: That will be the main public directory site for everyone. The web site promotes all the Good Sam revenue centers including club membership, roadside assistance, insurance and all that stuff.

UPDATE: 2017
The Good Sam brand transition has taken another step in web site name. Now the web site is joined by The Plan A Trip feature, which is where your campground listing is found, is displayed on both of these sites. still is functioning but will be transitioned out, over time.

Look in your Google Analytics reports for all three web sites, when you want to see how many visitors the Good Sam ads are actually bringing to your web site.

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