Facebook Marketing

Does Facebook Measure Up as a Promotional Strategy?

There is a lot of talk about Facebook and social media sites as an ‘essential’ marketing tool. Facebook (FB) is a social media with millions of users who have made a profile page, but not all are active on a regular basis. FB power users are like a community within the population. They understand the features, settings, protocols and use it to communicate with friends about personal stuff. Regular users come to trust Facebook and share with friends and communicate socially in that social context.

Wrong place to promote?
It is questionable whether commercial messages are useful and appropriate in the social media space. Using social media to sell stuff is a bit like going to a wedding, and handing out business cards to sell life insurance. When users are on Facebook its usually to ‘catch up’ or goof off. Not a great time to sell them.

Measuring Results
The social media experts tell us we should devote 4-5 hours a week to Facebook. Is it worth the time? Not unless you just like to ‘Facebook’ and chat with people. If social media were bringing in business, driving customers to your web site. By looking at the Google Analytics reports for your web page, you will likely see, as I have seen, that social media is not a significant source of traffic to RV park web sites.

Strait Answers takes the position that there is a role for social media in your marketing strategy. But as the benefits are minimal, it’s important to understand the right fit for your business.

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