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Google Search Trends: RV Park vs RV Resort

RV Park Website Advice Google search is the top source for website visitor traffic in the ‘Outdoor Hospitality’ industry–RV parks, resorts, and campgrounds. So it’s important to optimize your website to appear on Google searches when customers are searching! The Google algorithm tallies the wording on your website; the word combinations are how Google calculates where to display your park’s… Read More »

Relax…Your Site IS Optimized Already

Google SEO not Possible

Posted this on in response to a Social Media expert’s blog promoting her service to Dealerships. I explain why Social Media is not very helpful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because of the way consumers search. Optimize for Your Location–It’s What Consumers Search First: Using social media for better placement on search pages does not help much, if at… Read More »