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Facebook Strategy for Small Hospitality

  Facebook (FB) is a social media with millions of users who have made a profile page, but not all are active on a regular basis. FB power users are like a community within the population. They understand the features, settings, protocols and use it to communicate with friends about personal stuff.  Regular users come to trust Facebook and share… Read More »

“Local” Means Something Else Online

Google has changed ‘local’ for travel search. Campers searching on the internet for places to go are generally intending to travel outside their zip code. They’re NOT searching for travel in their own back yard. The whole purpose of vacationing is to get away for a bit. Campers who use search engines to find campgrounds are really not doing a… Read More »

Branding for Us Little Guys

Some of the strategic hospitality marketing advisors found in newsletters and blogs seem to forget that small companies lack the resources enjoyed by big businesses. Small businesses are often fully engaged in day-to-day stuff with no spare time for new programs or introspection. One of those “Madison Avenue” marketing strategies that keeps coming up is ‘branding’. Here is a link… Read More »

All Marketing Points to Your Web Site

Digital Age Changes Marketing Thrust Now that most consumers are using the internet to plan vacations and travel, managers are compelled to change the focus of their marketing and advertising. Now we’re focused on bringing customers to our web site. Advertising is expensive so you want to maximize the results from the investment—there always needs to be a strategy behind… Read More »