Search Terms Prospecting

Strait Answers® offers a unique value in my Google Ads services for campgrounds and RV resorts. I’m not wasting your ad spend budget. One of the important tools I use is the Search Terms Report. Using this report takes extra effort, but it yields two important benefits for my clients.

Search Terms are a Gold Mine!

Google watches what words people are typing in their computer browser, and it responds with a list of websites on the screen; including paid ads with the organic listings. The campground ads show up when ‘search terms’ match the right ‘keywords’. Search terms are the words people type as they search the web reveal that consumers momentary needs. I want to ensure the ads are only displayed to potential customers. By checking the Search Terms Report I can discover two things: good searches and bad searches.

Discovering New Keywords

The search terms report lists the wording the customer actually typed along with the keyword which Google used to match the search, and show an ad. Sometimes the actual words people use will surprise us with keywords I never thought to use. If a lot of actual customers are using that same search wording followed by a click on the ad, I will add that as a keyword. If the consumer wording is substantial I build an Ad Group around it. With experimentation, I’m sometimes able to find whole new search keyword topics that are relevant for a customer.

Finding Negative Keywords

One of the tricks of Google Ads is to avoid spending money on bad keywords. I like finding new campground keywords, but I also want to block bad search words so we’re not wasting YOUR ad spend on non-customers. When I find an incorrect search term in the report I block that word. Strait Answers has a ‘secret’ list of negative keywords for RV campground and resorts. One great negative term example is with ‘careers/jobs’ searches.

Using negative keywords prevents wasting money on non-customers

When people want to get a job at an RV resort, they type search terms like: ‘rv park manager careers’ or ‘how to find campground jobs’. We don’t mind people looking for jobs but I won’t want to pay to display an ad to them. They should call the office if they want a job. To prevent investing ad spend on job searchers (non-customers) I block ad service using ‘negative keywords’, which I can sometimes discover in the Search Terms Report.

Strait Answers offers customized Google Ads services for RV resorts and campgrounds, who want more customers and smart advertising!