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Good Sam Super Brand

Good Sam Super Directory: Super Brand! I’m of two minds on the advertising opportunities offered by Good Sam for the coming 2013 publication year. I love the direction taken with the printed directory, but I hate the online stuff. I’m advising my clients to stay in the print book, but to hold back on the digital bundles (priced from $1,495… Read More »

All Marketing Points to Your Web Site

Digital Age Changes Marketing Thrust Now that most consumers are using the internet to plan vacations and travel, managers are compelled to change the focus of their marketing and advertising. Now we’re focused on bringing customers to our web site. Advertising is expensive so you want to maximize the results from the investment—there always needs to be a strategy behind… Read More »

Web Page Optimizing with Key Words

You or your webmaster has added words to your web page. Did you put in the best keywords? Here is a post from a comment I added on LinkedIn. I think it offers clear examples of how keywords are important on your web page. Also, it shows the value of knowing what destination or ‘geographic locator’ consumers might be using… Read More »