Professional Marketing for RV Parks and Campgrounds

This hospitality marketing expert helps RV resorts and campgrounds find their way to superior marketing results. His proprietary solutions to the challenges of small business in the RV park industry have been tested, improved and evolved as web technology has become the key to reaching new customers.

Drawing on two decades of experience serving RV resorts, RV parks and campgrounds with every kind of advertising in the RV industry, David has learned many individual strategies and tactics which have proven successful. In hundreds of face-to-face meetings and phone conversations with RV park staff and owners he’s learned and shared many valuable tips. David knows RV park marketing.

RV Campground Marketing Faces Unique Challenges

RV camping consumers are a unique niche of the overall travel industry. Targeting these consumers requires specialized solutions not available in marketing seminars, books, or classes. Small businesses must understand these dynamics to avoid wasting resources, time, and money.

The RV Park Marketing Guy

Strait Answers’ proprietary solutions for RV campground marketing are a result of a solid education, broad experience in hospitality operations, decades of marketing in the RV industry and, now, certification by Google for Adwords and Search marketing.